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Tripura, the land of History and Legends


The Origin of Hindu

 The fourteen gods are the ancestral Kula Devta of Tripuri people. Since when the fourteen gods had been worshiped by Tripuris is obscure by mysteries. It can how ever be linked to the early history of Tripuri people. There are many mythological stories about the origin of these fourteen gods and goddess. There are both the god and goddess, all of whom are benevolent gods. These gods had been around the Tripuri people for their wellbeing, peace, prosperity, and victory over the enemies. By the grace of these gods the Tripuri people had been able to rule over the vast majority of Bengal, Asom and whole of the eastern tract for centuries.

According to the royal chronicle Tripura, the Rajmala, these fourteen gods were being worshiped by the kings of Tripura time since immemorial. King Tripur ascended the throne of Tripura, after his father Daitya's death. He was the mightiest among all the kings of Tripura. After his ascended the throne of Tripura, and subjugating all of the neighbour kings, he became very much arrogant. He presumed himself the god rather than the representative of Gods. He asked all his subjects not to worship any god, rather all the subjects must worship him and his deity only. He was oppressor, cruel, egoistic, and over confident. The people of Tripura became intolerant by the torture of king Tripur and begged to Lord Shiva, asked to protect them from the iron fist hand of Tripur.

The Lord Shiva appeared before the king Tripur, and reprimanded him, asked not to be unkind and suppressor to people. But Tripur would not change his behaviour, so lastly Lord Shiva appeared before the king and killed with his Trishul.

After the death of king Tripur, there was total lawlessness, anarchy and chaos in Tripuri, there was no rule of law, no king and no civil administration. Then the people again approached the Lord Siva, asked reprieve from this anarchy. At that time lord Siva told the widow queen of Tripur, Hiravati, to re-establish the temple of fourteen gods and and worship every day, celebrate the Kharchi, worship of fourteen gods on the eight lunar day of Shravana month for continuous seven days; then only the queen will be blessed with a son, who will be the best king of Tripura, his name would be Trilochana, as he will have third eye like him, as he is born by his blessing he will also be called Sibrai or Subria Raja.

So the fourteen gods were being worshiped, even before the king Trilochana, but he reintroduced worshipping of Kharchi and fourteen gods.

According to another mythology, after the death of his husband Tripur, became sad and was praying only Siva, for blessing. One day when she was going for a bath to river ghat, she heard a cry from the branches of banyan tree. He looked in them found that there were fourteen deities scared and asked for her help. Below the tree, there was a Buffalo chasing them, which was looking ferocious. The gods told her to through her Risa on the buffalo so that it be pacified. She did accordingly and, the buffalo left the place. Then the queen was told by the gods to take them and worship them as her racial gods or Kula devta; and since then these fourteen gods had been worshipped by Tripuri people.