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Tripura, the land of History and Legends

Chokha ni Khorang

 This is a social organization exclusively dedicated to revive the glorious culture of Tripuri people. The organization is engaged in promoting the Tripuri culture in the state as well as out side of Tripura in various parts of India. It has performed various cultural programs in different cities in India. The members of the organization are all dedicated for the cause of Tripuri culture.

The function of the organization is divided in five discipline:

  1. Folk dances of Tripuri people.
  2. Folk songs of Tripuri people.
  3. Performing arts in radio and television of various festivals of Tripuris.
  4. Promotion of Tripuri culinary in different occasions and festivals.
  5. Promotion of Tripuri handloom and traditional dresses.

The organization had it self participated in various folk dance functions and awarded various prizes and acclaim in the state and out side.

The organization is imparting courses of various folk dances for the children. Organization is also giving short term training for performing in various occasions and cultural programs either in groups or individuals.

It had also promoted various dishes and Tripuri cuisines in many festivals and occasions both in and out side of Tripura. The Bangwi cake has become instant hit and favorite to many non-Tripuri. Demands for such preparations are pouring more and more, and organization is finding difficult to meet the demand.

Every year at time of Goria, kharchi, and many other festivals, the Chokhani khorang had been engaged in performing arts, to show performance of such activity either live or recorded through radio and TV.

The organization is also actively involved in promoting the age old tradition of weaving by lion loom of the Rignai, Rituku and other garments for daily need of house hold.

The patron and the founding father of the organization, Shri Subodh Debbarma had been awarded for dedication and life time achievement with Sangeet Natak Academy Award, 2007.

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