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Tripura, the land of History and Legends

Lampra Goria Motha

 It is one of the first religious organizations of Tripuri people, formed more than two decades ago. It has objectives to preserve and promote the religious rites and customs of Tripuri Hindu. Organizationís president Shri Sujan Kumar Jamatia, composed the Tripuri religious text, Kwthar Laikrang, meaning the sacred book or holy book. Just after its publication more than quarter century it has become a popular among the Tripuri people. The organization's head quarter is at Hathai kuchuk, at Teliamura.

The Organization is actively involved in spreading the philosophy of Tripuri Hinduism, or Tripuri traditional religion among the new generations. It is conducting seminars in various issues related to moral ethics, social issues, religious issues, cultural issues etc.

Lampra Goria Motha has branches in different parts of Tripura, they are actively involved in community sensitization, organizing seminars, Satsang etc in various location of Tripura. It has helped in establishing a Siva linga Dungur, where the head of Python in disguise of Sibrai was buried in mythological time. They had also helped in mobilizing people to restore an Siva linga in Sibrai khung, that is Unokoti, the abode of Lord Siva.

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