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Tripura, the land of History and Legends


The creation of life in this earth is described in different way in different religious books. Many of the description about the creation of life in earth is not sustainable in the light of science now any more. So many people do not want to believe about the existence of God or their explanation about creation of life in earth.

But the creation theory of life in earth according to Tripuri theory vis-ŕ-vis the Hinduism is sustainable even in the light of scientific information. Rather the Tripuri theory of creation is scientific and rational. According to this theory, the almighty God Subrai created this universe; he is the creator of this earth also. He created the earth, made up of gaseous and dust particle. It was hot and airy like a fire ball, it remained this way for millions of years then it cooled gradually, and formed water and earth.

There was nothing in the earth, it remain bared for millions of years. Then almighty God Subrai alias Siva thought of crating life in this earth. He first created the tiniest life form in the earth. Then he formed insects, insect lived in this earth for million of years by eating grass and then he created animals. The earth in the early life was full of only animals, there are big birds which are known as Tok baling, which is described to be like dinosaurs birds. These birds used to eat fruits and spread the seed from one part of earth to other part, which is how the earth is covered thickly with trees and jungles.

Then the almighty God Subrai thought of creating his own replica, so he first created the first man Dangaifa and first woman Dangaima of the earth. All the human race or Homo sapiens are considered to have originated from this early man and woman. According to Tripuri philosophy they are considered as fore fathers of the entire human race. It is stated according to this mythology that Dangaima and Dangaifa had borne one hundred sons and one daughter. In the course of time due to different reason 64 sons died prematurely, only 36 sons survived till old age. These 36 sons had turn by turn from senior to junior got family life with daughter for two consecutive years and for all all of them the daughter, their sister produced one son and one daughter. Later all the children inter alias married each other according do their choice. Gradually these families became larger and large, intern created the human race.

One of Dangaifa’s  sons name was Mongol, whose progeny later on speeded all over the world and  the race was later known as Mongoloid group. Tripuri people are branch of this mongoloid race. Early mongoloid people used to live in the hills and mountain, they all have the common physical feature, of habits, of food eating habit, of cooking style etc. and many more.

Now these facts can be corroborated with classical Hindu philosophy of creation of life and its evolution. That is why we have Vishnu who took first incarnation as Fish or Matshya Avatar, then as Tortoise or Kurma Avatar, then as Pig or Varaha Avatar, then as Dwarf or Vaman Avatar.

According to Tripuri belief one has got this life only after passing through the various life which started as bacteria then through insects to gradually higher animal like chimpanzee to finally human being. This is nothing but a scientific explanation of evolution of human being, ditto as of Tripuri explanation.

Scientifically we know, this earth is created out of the sun, sun is nothing but a gaseous fire ball. The whole of universe is nothing but creation from energy, which changed to physical form of gas, gradually cooled down to solidify and finally earth and water. Life was first created in this water, first one celled life form, then multi cellular form. Form this evolved to different kind of fish, then amphibian, then mammals, then chimpanzee, then humanoid like Neanderthal man and finally human being. This scientific fact is totally in consonant with the Tripuri theory of life creation in earth as well as the Avatar of Vishnu.

That is why it can be said that the Tripuri philosophy vis-ŕ-vis Hindu philosophy is scientific one. Unlike many other religion which are not tenable to the scientific challenges of modern days.