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Tripura, the land of History and Legends


 There are many opinions about the origin and nature of Lord Goria or Baba Goria, as He is fondly addressed upon by Tripuri people. It is very difficult which opinion is true, but one thing that seems to be true is that He is omnipresent and omnipotent; He can be present in any form, in every form and in every way. So all the theory seems to correct as far as Goria is concerned. 

There had not been much research on the etymology of word Goria or Garia. In analyzing the root of the word, Goria, it derived from Gauri, one of names of the Mother Goddess Parvati. As Mahadeva or Siva is husband of Gauri, the masculine form of the name would be Gauraya, which is customary to address among Tripuri. For Example Rabi would be called Rabiya, Budhi would turn to Budia etc. The meaning of the word Gauri is basically yellowish, and the origin of the word Gauri is from Tripuri word Kormo meaning Yellow, which changed to Gormo>Gora>Gauri. This was how the word Goria had derived.  

What is Lord Goria is all about, there are many query and doubts. Some people think that Goria derived from fertility cult that prevailed in the pre-historic time, that is why there are many lyrics related to fertility cult. That is why some people think that Lord Goria is worshipped during the time of sowing seed in the HUK or Jhum field.  

Another group of people think that Lord Goria is god of war and victory, that is why he is worshipped with most pomp and show and at large scale in community level among the warrior clan of Tripuri people, that is Jamatia.

According to the legend and mythology the Deity of Lord Goria which is with the Jamatia clan was brought from the Sikam, that is Kuki in the war of Thanangsi, during the time of King Dhanya Manikya. Though there was a war with Sikam, in which they were totally subjugated, as mentioned in Rajmala, but there was not a single mention of Lord Goria deity being brought from them. There was no logic either to bring the gods or the belief of defeated race to worship them. Rather in Rajmala it was mentioned that the Sikam were forced to worship the dynasty Deity of Tripuri people, 'The 14 Gods' and follow Tripuri beliefs.  

Some groups of people are of the opinion that, Lord Goria is the Tripuri form of Lord Ganesha, one of mainstream Hindu God, that is why He is worshipped for wealth, prosperity, wellbeing and peace. The knot tied on RISA presented in the deity of Lord Goria is symbol of Trunk of Lord Ganesha. That is why during 'BOR RWMA' people seek for prosperity, wealth and wellbeing from Lord Goria.  

Most of the people think and believe that Lord Goria is one name of Lord Siva. He symbolizes all the qualities mentioned above, that is why Lord Goria is worshipped from the first day of the year and continue for seven days. People seek blessing from Him, the Energy, Wealth, prosperity, wellbeing, defeat of enemies, decay of diseases, good rain, for the marriages, for the offspring, and for every thing of happiness, comfort and all-round development of family, society and country. 

This fact can be substantiated by the writing of some of Well known writer of Tripuri religion. Sh. Sujan Kumar Jamatia had also stated in his book, 'Kwthar Laikrang' meaning Sacred Book that Lord Goria is the whole and sole creator of this universe, He is one manifestation of Lord Siva. Similarly Lt. Sh. Alindra Lal Tripura in his book 'Traipur Samhita' meaning Tripuri Religion stated that Lord Goria Siva has many name, he is known in different name in different time and place, and one of such name is Lord Goria. The side one is the excerpt of Sh. Tripura's book.

There is a group of people in Pakistan, where people still worship the Lord Siva as Goroya, the place where once the ancestors of Tripuri people lived in, before migrating to present state. This also shows that Goria or Goroya is one form of the Lord Siva.