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Tripura, the land of History and Legends


Mamita dance is performed on the occasion of MAMITA festival, which is harvest festival of Tripuri People. In the past when Tripuri people were doing largely huk agriculture, the harvesting season was in the month of October & November. People were in happy mood to see the month long works result with tons of paddy, cotton, vegetable and other oil seed. Their face used to filled with smile and heart filled with hopes, confident and ambitions. This time around, young men and women would gather, in the evening after coming back from daily work, would carry with them a kham, sarinda, and sumui, go from house to house in the village. They would sing a loud, dance in a rhythmic step would continue upto midnight.. They would force the head of the family to come out of his home and give them a token gift. This dancing troupe used to dance for 10-15 minutes in a home on this occasion of Mamita festivals. That is why it is known as Mamita dance.

The Mamita festival is held during the time of Durgapuja or Osa Mutai. The king would celebrate Durga puja, who would sacrifice buffalo, yak etc in the Durga puja, at that time common man would perform Mamita festivals, where they would sacrifice cock, duck and pigeon in the mamita festivals. This festivals would continue for 7 days, it used to be most enjoying festival and season. But due to change in profession of most of people, the Tripuris are distancing themselves from one of most important and entertaining festivals.  


Some Picture of Mamita Dance