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Tripura, the land of History and Legends


Buisu or Bisu is the new year festivals of Tripuri people at large. This is basically a new year eve celebration of Tripuri people. Bisu is celebrated for two days followed by new year, that make the beginning of Garia puja. First day is called Hari bisu or bisu of animals. On this day all the hose hold items are washed and cleaned and the house are cleaned and white washed, painted a fresh and decorated wit the best. The domestic animal are washed, bathed early in the morning. Then they are put garland of flowers are put in the neck of domestic animals, put a red tilak on their fore head. They are fed with green grass, dogs cats are fed with good diet. The hens, ducks etc. are given grains.

Buisu or Bisu   celebrated after the hari bisu that is on last day of Chaitra month. Old and young gets early in the morning, take a holy dip in near by water tank. They wear new and best cloths available to them. Children go around the family and relatives, do the pranam or salutation to elders and take blessing from them. Varieties types of dishes and cakes are prepared on this occasion. They invite their relatives and near and dear one for a feast.

On this day no one is left to starve, the rich people of the villages would help the under privileges of family. People are forbidden to speak lies, to be dishonest, to think of even bad ideas are prohibited.

The young girls and boys are very happy and glad to perform Kherbai dance. It is performed on the occasion of Bisu. They go from one house to another house, till all the houses are covered. The head of the family or the members of the family give them rewards for the performance.

On the next day that is on New Year day the Goria festivals began. People of all ages young and old wear best of their dress and make up. Young girls wear flowers as the hair dress, of different kinds of flowers like marigold, champa, many jungle flowers.