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Delhi Tripura Society, the only Society of Tripuri People out side of Tripura State


This is a social organization of Tripuri people residing in and around National Capital Territory of Delhi. The aim of the organization is to have a comprehensive social interchanges, social inter actions and to promote, preserve, and practice Tripuri cultures in this far way land. It also aims at to maintain harmonious relation ship between different section of community of Delhi and to make the diverse culture of India rich and vibrant.

The organization was founded on 20th April 1997, at Kalkaji, South Delhi, on the auspicious occasion of Tripuri biggest festivals, Garia. Since then it has expanded its membership day by day and it had since been celebrating Goria Puja every year. The organization had conducted many a time sports activity, cultural activity, organizing freshers' meet for new students, and many more. The organization had hosted the first Website of Tripura, back in the year 2002, and since then it has been continuing to update the site regularly.

This Web page is being updated.

The website is www.tripurasociety.org .