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Welcome to the Official Website of Tripur Kshatriya Samaj

Tripur Kshatriya Samaj
Executive Body of Samaj for 1425-28 Tripura era (2015-18)

Aims of Samaj

Introspection Workshop

Awareness Meeting

Health Camps


We, the Tripur people, who belongs to warrior or Kshatriya race of the Manikya Dynasty of erstwhile Tripura Kingdom formed the Tripur Kshatriya Samaj, that is the Tripur Warrior Society. We are a group of altruistic dedicated Tripuri people who are determined to preserve the rich culture, customs, religion, rituals,  heritages, the golden tradition, the music, the folk songs, the folk dances, the weaving and the rich cuisines of the Tripuri.

Our main aim is to spread the true information about Tripura, of its ancient, of the past, of the present and about the Tripuri people, the native of Tripura.

We want to let the whole world know that Tripura was originally the land of Tripuri people, who lived here from the times of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

The goal is to walk hand in hand with rest of Indians as a developed people, to spread the Indian culture spread all over the world. We make the Tripuri people feel proud of their golden heritages where ever they go in the world and can held their head high. We want to take to height the Tripuri vis-à-vis Indian culture in the international arena.

The Executive body of the Society for the year 1425-28 Tring (2015-18 CE) are as follows:

President: Sh. Jogendra Debbarma

Vice President: 1. Dr. Partha Debbarma
                           2. Sh. Arun Debbarma

General Secretary : Dr. Biswajit Debbarma

Asst. Gen. Secretary: 1. Sh. Purna Chandra Debbarma

Organizing Secretary: Sh. Subrata Debbarma

 Secretary Incharge Khowai: Sh. Dinesh Debbarma
 Secretary Incharge Teliamura: Sh. Kamal Debbarma
 Secretary Incharge  Sadar: Sh. Dipendu Debbarma
 Secretary Incharge Bishalgarh: Sh. Tirtha Debbarma
 Secretary Incharge Kamalpur: Sh. Sukumar Debbarma
 Secretary Incharge Kailasahar: sh. Bimal Singh Debbarma
 Secretary Incharge Udaipur: Sh. Parikshit Debbarma
 Secretary Incharge Amarpur: Sh. Chitta Debbarma

Finance Secretary : Sh. Pramode Debbarma

Legal Adviser: 1. Sh. Arup Debbarma

Bhandari: Sh. Subhendra Debbarma

Spokesman: Sh. Sebabrata Debbarma

Publication Incharge: Dr. Sourish Debbarma

Medical Cell Incharge: Dr. Arun Debbarma

Cultural Secretary: Smt. Tarubala Debbarma

Lady Representative: 1. Smt. Bisurani Debbarma
                                       2. Smt. Dipali Debbarma
Smt. Binapani Debbarma

Executive Members: 1. Er. Sisir Debbarma
                                    2. Er. Bikram Debbarma
                                    3. Sh. Indrajit Debbarma
                                    4. Sh. Buddha Debbarma
                                    5. Sh. Susanta Debbarma
                                    6. Er. Jugal Debbarma
                                    7. Er. Sunil Debbarma
                                    8. Sh. Ashok Debbarma
                                    9. Sh. Jawarlal Dbbarma
                                    10. Sh. Subodh Debbarma
                                    11. Sh. Debasih Debbarma
                                    12. Sh. Ranjit Debbarma
                                    13. Sh. Sanjit Debbarma


          Logo of Society

Motto : Society Religion Culture

Meaning of logo: 1. The Crescent symbolizes the Lunar race origin of Tripuri people.
                                2. The Trident symbolizes the Saivism sect of Hinduism which is  Tripuri peoples  religion.
                                3. The Wathop symbolizes  traditional of Tripuri people time since immemorial.
                               4. The Flute symbolizes the  rich cultural heritages of Tripuri people.
                                5. The Red stars are symbol of eternity of Tripuri race.
                                6. The Circles symbolizes the wholeness and all inclusiveness of all people.


ম' তিপ্রাসা নি চানাইমা web site. জতন' খাপাং নি হাম জাকমা য়াফার'. তৗক.


For farther detail please contact at tripursamaj@yahoo.in

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