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Shanti Kali Mission, aims at promoting the Religion, Customs and Culture of Tripuri people.


Founder Aims & Objectives Message An Appeal

The Founder:
The Shanti Kali Mission is founded by His Holiness Shri Shanti Tripura. He was born in a small village, Fulsori, under south Tripura district, Subrum subdivision. His father was Shri Dhananjay Tripura and mother was Khanjan Devi, grand father was Mahim Chandra Tripura.

His birth, child hood, early life, and subsequent life were also full of mysteries and surprises. When he was born his mother had already achieved menopause, there was no chance of giving birth by any lady who achieved menopause, but it happened with Khanjan Devi, to give her 13th child Shanti Tripura.

 By the pressure of his parents, saint Shanti Tripura had to get married with a girl unknown to him, but only to let his wife to get remarried after seven years of conjugal life. Though he had two daughters, but he was determined to live ascetic life, so his wife put a precondition that before he takes ascetic life, he will have to let her get marry, and take the charges of their daughter, which he readily agreed. After getting his wife remarried, he took ascetic life and went out for pilgrimage all over India. While in tour he was told in dream by Tripura Sundari mata, to go back to Tripura and to establish an ashram and her temple. This dream motivated him to return to Tripura. After returning from pilgrimage, he devoted in establishing a missionary work, and named it Shanti Kali Ashram, first established in 1979 on the month of Phalguna (March-April), at Manu in Sabrum, on an auspicious day of Shiv Chaturdashi, that is on full moon day. Now it has some 18 branches in Tripura, spread over all the state. It has since been named as Shanti Kali Mission. The mission is engaged in spiritual awakening, herbal treatment, education to poor children, running primary school, orphanage etc.

Due to deep rooted conspiracy of some of anti Tripuri Hindu religious force, this greatest spiritual leader, the messiah of Tripuri people, the incarnation of Mother Tripura Sundari, He was assassinated by unknown person, who fired pistol from a very close range on 27th August, 2000 AD at 8:05 PM, and took a last breath at 10:53 PM at Hospital 

The head office of the mission is situated at Khumulwng, Jirania.
Some of the branches are:

  1. Manu bazaar Asharam.
  2. Padum Bari Ashram.
  3. Borkathal Ashram, Sadar north.
  4. Korbuk Ashram, Gandachhara.
  5. Chelagang Ashram, Amarpur.
  6. Chachu Ashram, Sadar north.
  7. Central Ashram, Jirania, Agartala.
  8. Longtorai Ashram, Longtorai.
  9. Thakur Ashram, Belonia.
  10. Twidu Ashram, Amarpur.

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