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Tripura, the land of History and Legends


In Indian mythology Siva had a paramount importance and presence. He had been termed as Devadideva meaning God of Gods. He had been designed as Mahadev meaning great God, also called as Adideva meaning the Orinator god. In the most ancient text book of religion Veda, Siva had not been mentioned even once. So Lord  Siva is not Vaidic Aryan God. Many scholars of national and international figure had proved that Siva is non Aryan god of India. He was worshipped before the Aryan migration in India. In the Mahenjodaro and Indus valley excavation a human figure in meditating posture had been found, which many scholars identified as proto-Siva. He has been called as Pashupati nath, or king of animals, which is the name of Lord Siva in Kathmandu, Nepal. So the God's figure found in Indus civilization is none other than Lord Siva.

Lord Siva is the greatest God of Tripuri people. He is called as Mutai Kotor meaning great god. He is worshipped before any god, in any celebration of pujas. He is also known as Sibrai meaning Siva. This word is also pronounced as Subrai by many Tripuri people, in different area.

According to Tripuri mythology, Lord Sibrai is creator of this universe. He only created this earth, its five elements of life that is earth, water, fire, air and sky. That is why he is known as Siba meaning creator of five elements Si=Knwoledge, ba=five.

The explanation given in Indian religious text about Siva as benevolent is contradictory to his image and action assigned as destroyer. It is unconceivable how a destroyer of the world can be a benevolent or kindly. So the word Siva is basically derived form Tripuri word of Sibrai. Many historical records and mythological facts reveals that Sibrai or Siva was originally a Tripuri vis-a-vis Kirata people's original God, which later had been adopted by non-Kirata people of India, and its mythology re-written.

 Subrai alias Sibrai alias Siba

 The origin of Almighty Subrai is traced from the Boro/Borok civilization and their religious belief. The root word of Subrai is from the original word Siba. It has again derived from two root word of Boro/Borok languages viz. Si+Ba=Siba. 'Ba' means five in Boro/Borok languages this is the five elements which is essential for the creation of life in this world, i.e. earth, water, fire, air, and sky or cosmic energy. 'Si' means knowledge or having master over some thing. That means a person who has knowledge of five elements of live or in other words one who has created life out of these earthly material elements. He is none but the Almighty creator of the life in this world and this universe, who is known as Siva. The word '-rai' is suffixed in Boro/Borok languages in the end of most of the male offspring name, specially those who are very strong, stout and masculine. For example: Kufu-rai, Kwchak-rai, Suku-rai>Sukrai, Budu-rai, Sukundrai, Tokhi-rai, Wakhi-rai etc. and the list would fill up this page.

In the word Siba, the -rai word had been suffixed to denote the almighty as masculine and as supreme power, the creator of universe. So the word became Sibarai to Sibrai to Subrai by convenience of pronunciation of tongue. There are plenty of such etymological changes of Boro/Borok words where 'U' turns to 'I' viz. Mui+kwthwng=Mikhwtwng, Mui+lok=Milok.

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The Almighty Siba or Subrai was originally from Boro/Borok religious faiths system can proved by the writings of various scholars, as well as from our mythological tales. One of the experts of religious history, mythology and philosopher Shri Alindra Lal Tripura had written many books on Tripuri Hindu Religion. In the books of "Tripurar Upajati Sanskriti o Tantrik Chikitsa" he stated that Subrai or Sibrai is also known as Bathubrai by Boro people. It derived from the word Bathu=ba+thu, 'ba' means five and 'thu' means deep, that is having deep knowledge of five elements of life.

 This explanation of root origin of Subrai or Sibarai is same as that of Tripuri people. In the book of "Tripur Sanhita" he wrote about Subrai as this "Subrai hambrai mili sristir karon, sumodhur badya robe kore jagoron." This means that Subrai is the sole creator of this universe and the life in the earth.

Another famous religious writer, Shri Sujan Kumar Jamatia, who had published the book on Tripuri Hindu religion, "Kwthar Laikrang" wrote that Subrai was the sole creator of the universe and the life in the earth. Here it is stated, "He Subrai, he Goria mo Bishwa Brahmanda no achairinai, nwngno bishwa brahmanda no mwthangnai, mwthwinai, butharnai."

 In other place in the same book he has mentioned as, "Bubagra Subrai sakha, ang wngkha o bishwa brahmanda ni bubagra, ang wngkha bishwa brahmanda ni fefu..fefu, tai langma tongnai jotoni bufa, jotoni buma ang jotoni buma bufa."

Here is another excerpt about the origin of Subrai, as the creator of the universe and the whole of living things in the earths. Here the code states about the Tripuri philosophy of the universe and life creation in the world. It stated, "Afuru khe mwtai Subrai sakha, o je langma gwnang folano twiwi tongnai thung folano ani. Angno jotoni bubagra, angno jotoni buam,angno jotoni bufa, angno sristi khaiwi achairinai. Angno mwthang tongrinai, angno bwtharnai jotono."

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There are plenty of such descriptions where Subrai had been defined as the supreme creator of this universe and life on this planet in the Tripuri religion and philosophy. There is no doubt of even an iota, to believe that Subrai or Siva was originally and still the supreme god. It can also be proved by the independent historians. It had been said so even that Subrai or the Sibrai is god of Boro/Borok race. Eminent historian G.P. Singh in his book "The Kiratas in ancient India" stated that the Borok groups of people were the first among tribes to worship almighty Sibrai, it was their original God.

There may be some argument saying that the Siba was originally of Aryan god which had been assimilated by our belief system. It conspicuous to note that the Vedic people were unaware of existence of Lord Siba, and the four Vedas did not mentioned about Subrai or Siba. On the contrary the Aryan Brahman had banned his worship and his propaganda. These facts can be proved from various sources; one can have hundreds of book on this account. Two such cuttings of the pages are shown here.

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When the Vedic Aryan found that their gods like Agni, Indra, Varun etc. were loosing popularity and people did not worshiped the gods which they brought, rather they were worshipping Subrai and following Saivisim, then they placed Sibarai worshiping under banned. But it did not helped; ultimately peoples over come such banned and Saivisim became most popular religion of India.


This is the origin of Siba or Subrai, which is the oldest religion of the world which is still followed by a billion of people. It was a gift of Tripuri people to the world. You may believe or you may not believe, but it is the fact, historically and scientifically proved. It is irony that we do not believe our own god and goddess, rather we believe others gods. We do not value our cultural system, we values others rotten and worse culture. We Tripuris do not trust our philosophy and our view of creation of the earth and universe, though it is scientific and rational but on the other hand we would believe others false hypothesis though it is not scientifically truth and logically tenable, be cause it is others, because it is told by same white and long nose people! We think our god and system of worshipping is false where as others as true and the best, though on the contrary ours is the best and true.

How much could we ignore our culture and value system, and our own god and goddesses, who are cared you and your fore fathers for 10 thousands years! Be cause of whom you and me are alive to day, be cause of whom our king ruled at least 3000 years, is there any royal dynasty in the history in this world that ruled for so many years consecutively? Was it possible to rule with false gods, if others god were true then why their dynasty ruled only for few century, even English empire lasted for 200 years, the Americans will last only 150 years. The Greek and Roman Empire collapsed only in the matter of 200 years, but look at our Kings ruled for 3000 years! Can you imagine? And still we Tripuri feels that our Gods and philosophy are false and become mad to copy others religion and others god and culture!

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We are trying heart and soul to burry and wipe out our own religions and gods, which we inherited from our fore fathers for generations for the past 10 thousand years, on the other hand we are promoting, propagating and actively preaching a foreign religion which had nothing to do with us. After all why we are eating our mother lands food and water and trying to uplift others.

If there is some thing wrong, there is always a scope to improve, to rectify any bad things, any bad aspects. If we do not then who will do for our fore fathers religion? Nothing in this world is complete perfect, only we can try to improve and make it better, so for our religion also we only have to do. If my parents are not good then I can not make others as my parent, after all I have the DNA inherited form them, I shall definitely try to rectify in them and accept them. If my brother has some bad things I just can not kill him, I have to convince him to be good and shall make him god. Some one is giving my children education does not mean that he is doing good to me and that I should follow him. What he is dong is business, he is not giving me free of cost, he is earning and exploiting me, just like any merchant or business man. That would mean that I have to follow to all those business man who are selling me goods, and that I should be loyal to all those people! Just think it over again, analyze and apply your brain and logic.

On the other hand if some one is doing business in education, which has become one of the most lucrative businesses in modern day, why can not we? Are we not human being, are we not the descendant of that great race who ruled vast countries of eastern India for thousands of years! We were all khsatriyas, the warrior race; we were lions as symbolized in our royal emblem, then since when we have become a goat! Think it twice! Thrice! Nay hundred times till you realize who you were, what you have become!

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