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The New Year day of Tripura Era is on 1st of Vaisakha which is on 14th of April.


Truth about Tring in-Bengali

   Truth about Tring in-English

  Truth about Tring in-Power Point

  India is a diverse land which is fundamentally based on multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual, multicultural and pluralistic society. As it had multiplicity in many aspects of civilization, it also has multiple Era followed in different region. There are approximately 30 different calendars or eras prevailing in India and Tripura Era is one of them. Tripura is one of the few states whose royal dynasty had its own era. The Tripura Era was the only era used during the Manikya dynasty rule of five thousand years history. In all the official communications, royal communiqué, religious and cultural sphere the Tripura Era was only used during the Raj period.

  The use of  Tripura Era had been found in the historical records, in the coins issued by different Tripuri kings, the copper plate inscription, inscription in the walls temple established different Manikya kings and many more documents and letters.

  The  Tripura Era's New Year is on the 1st of Vaisakh which corresponds to 14 or 15 of April of Christian era, depending on whether that year is a Leap year or not. The months are named after in pan Indian months, time since its inception, 1419 years back by Tripur king Maharaj Hamtorfa alias Himtifa alias Jujharufa in 512 Saka Era that is 590 AD.

  Some years back few western culture minded by the influence of by western religion wanted to shift Tripura Era New Year day from its 1St of Vaisakh (April-14) to 1st of Pous (22nd December) and re-write the history of  Tripura Era in synchronize with Christian Era New Year. In doing so, they a fake research had been done. Opinions from some senior Tripuri people had been collected but it was not considered in re-determining the Tripura Era's New Year. So it was basically an eye wash, to implement imported western ideology of new year in Tripura Era in the chilling cold of December. These committed western influenced youths artificially fixed Tripura Era's New Year day on 22nd of December with out any justification, any llinked to culture, custom, and heritages and religious belief and tried to temper historical Tripura Era’s new year.


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